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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

One Million Ears

Well...it finally happened. We finally were able to get our first message and service on the air. What do you mean, on the air? you might be asking. We mean that we have partnered with 95.5FM KBEK radio and each Sunday evening at 5p our message and music will be broadcast to over 1 million ears, as they say at the station. Of course that's 500k people, but, hey, who's counting? KBEK also live streams their broadcasts so if you can't receive the station for some reason, or maybe you know someone who lives in South Africa and they would like to listen, this will give them the opportunity to do that.

Let's see if we can't make a difference by doing things a little differently. Let's not fall into the easy and old trap of  'this is the way we've always done it, and this is the way we'll always do it'. The message that we have to bring is the most important message in the history of the world. In the words of Jesus, and I might be paraphrasing a little here, but, 'Get off your backside, and do something!' Yes, Lord. Please help us do something.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Breakfast...it's what's for dinner.

Our free meal at the high school in Rush City is this Wednesday, April 29th, from 430-630. Over the past couple of years we've found that 'brinner' is one of the favorites. Please join us for some good food and conversation. We're not going to preach to you or try to recruit you. We will answer questions if you have them, though. We just want to feed people who are hungry and show them that Jesus cares about them. Hope to see you there.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Bunnies and Eggs and Tulips...NO!! Well, except TULIPs. TULIPs are OK.

We have entered the most important time of the year, Holy Week. This is the week that we remember and focus on the entrance that Jesus made into the city of Jerusalem to shouts of joy and praise. But in a matter of days he would be falsely tried, beaten, mocked, and executed on a cross. But then it happened. JESUS ROSE FROM THE DEAD!! Some of you reading this may not believe that. Some of you may think that's it's just so much fable and fairy tale. And if that's what you think, you are blinded to the truth.

We celebrate these events because we know they are real. Join us for our Holy Week services on Good Friday, April 2nd at 8p, And Saturday at 630p and Sunday at 10a for our Easter celebration. Jesus is alive! Come and meet him.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Okay...That Seems a Little Odd.

Hearing your own voice on a recording is just weird. "Do I really sound like that!?" But hearing on the radio is even more unusual. But it looks like it's going to happen. Last week Drew Krech and I visited KBEK radio and recorded an ad, letting people know about our upcoming Easter activities. We were also given the opportunity to produce a weekly one hour show as a lead in to their already popular 'Live in Studio J' program on Sunday evenings. We would include our weekly message and the music from the service. What do you think? Check out KBEK at 95.5FM. This isn't a Christian radio station per se, but the new owners want to salt the programming with Christian content. Check them out and support their sponsors.